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Crypticon 2019


I'll be chatting on a panel 5/3/19 at 7pm for "Friday the 13th: Vengeance" and a short film I'm in Most Steps Ever will be screening Saturday 5/4/19.

The Wonderland Murders- TV Series


You can catch me on The Wonderland Murders next Tues July 3rd on the ID Channel!



I am beyond excited to announce that I will be joining the cast of "FRIDAY THE 13th: VENGEANCE" as the badass Joey Higgins!

Podcast Interview: Tabitha Bastien


Discusses her acting career,  dealing with loss, staying positive in the film industry, volunteering and more!

Search for "Career Curious" on Podcasts or listen to it on the website at

Roscoe the Junkyard Cat


Wrapped filming the pilot episode of "Roscoe the Junkyard Cat." There are puppets and comedy and it's not for the kiddos!  

Remnants 2018 Festival Run!


Screening in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Rio, London and Munich.

Hollywood Indie Series Awards!


4 NOMINATIONS for STILL: Best Web Series, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing.

Beloved Beast


The Holbrookian feature thriller film "Beloved Beast" has been picked up for domestic distribution!! It will have a theatrical release in select theaters in 2019! 

The Anatomy of Monsters


Feature thriller film "The Anatomy of Monsters" screens at Hollywood's FASH film festival. 

Horror Fest Awards:


Cavern of Desire won 4 awards at the Seattle 48Hr Horror Fest: Audience Favorite Award, Honorable Mention, Best Graphics, Best Editing.

Vancouver & Seattle Web Fests:


Vancouver Web Fest 2015 Award:

STILL won best SciFi Series 

Seattle Web Fest 2015 Award:
Phoenix Run won Best Acting Ensemble

Crypticon 2014


Tabitha starred in 3 films screening at Crypticon & spoke on the STILL panel.

Reviews & Interviews


Career Curious Podcast: Tabitha Bastien

Tabitha discusses her acting career and how it changed her life for the better, anxiety, dealing with loss, staying positive in the film industry, being an "extroverted introvert," living as a working actor, being okay with not being perfect, and volunteering at Vegan Haven:

Search for "Career Curious" on Podcasts or listen to it on the website at

Mike at The Movie Raid Interview

Tabitha discusses her new film Friday the 13th Vengeance and more! 

Exclusive Interview with Tabitha Bastien (The Anatomy of Monsters):

Trust Tomorrow TV Interview:

Tabitha and team discuss the making of the short film shot in Tacoma, WA:

The Anatomy of Monsters Review (2016):

"features a star-making performance by Tabitha Bastien as the far from innocent victim. 

Full Review